Saturday, February 14, 2009


Thnx for every moment i spent with u..for every laugh.. for every smile..for every second filled with love,even thnx for fights,arguements and saddnes..

u were truly a sun shines in my sky,a rose lighten my views..i know that we can't choose our past or our future.. we just make directions and hope they are right..,unluckly though..ours weren't good.. and god only know where's our best and good in life..

I know that our moments weren't long..i hope it did last..but we can't gain every thing we want..but i really love these moments even they're short..thnx for every thing..i truly mean it from the deep of my heart..

love you..and wishes you only the best.

yours, Amr Ahmed.

9 قولى رايك فى الحوار ده..:

Anonymous said...
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JuSt_hUmAn said...

يا بختك على تسامحك مع الحياة

amraction said...

مش تسامح يا عموور.. مش دايما والله.. مواقف ومواقف

ربنا يعينا كلنا

Rooma Qandil said...

neat and great words
my best wishes,,,

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